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20kg NPK
20kg NPK

Water soluble fertilizer 15-15-30+Mg+TE(High potassium type)

一、Product characteristics

1.100% water soluble, no hormone, no chlorine,high purity, quick effect, safe and environmental protection, no residue

2.The chelating state of trace elements is beneficialto the rapid and complete absorption of plants

3.High potassium formulations, in fruits andvegetables and root crops using block specific results

4.60% nitrate nitrogen is beneficial to therapid absorption of nitrogen fertilizer and the rapid growth of plants.

二、Use of advice

1.Especially suitable for all kinds of fruitsand vegetables block rhizome plants

2.The use of plant roots or fruiting period topromote fruit enlargement period, or block roots nutrient accumulation,improving the yield and quality of products, enhance crop resistance

3.High potassium formula can effectivelyprevent plant potassium deficiency symptoms

4.Foliage sprayed 1000-1500 times; rootirrigation was 500-600 times; vegetable flush 5-8 kg / mu

三、Packaging: 500g, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg

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