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Soluble NPK
Soluble NPK

More fertility(High nitrogen type)

一、Product characteristics

1.High nitrogen formula, high absorption andutilization of leaf, saving production cost

2.Ideal formula for vegetative growth of allkinds of vegetables, fruit trees and flowers

3.Suitable for drip irrigation, sprinklerirrigation and soil free cultivation system

4.A chelate trace element formula, 100%absorbable

二、Use of advice

1.The young age of the fruit tree and the useof the shoot period of the adult tree can promote the sprouting of new shootsand promote the rapid growth of the plants.

2.The use of various kinds of vegetables canprolong the harvest period

3.When used for soil free cultivation systems,water quality should be analyzed, especially pH value and soft hardness.

4.The use of multiple is 1000-1500 times

三、Packaging: 500g, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg

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